VK EVENTS HOSTED BY Circolo Tennis Scaligero
LOCATION Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 6 – 37138 Verona

2022 Edition

The Verona 2022 tennis internationals were a success from all points of view. Expectations were high, but they have been far exceeded, by the turnout well above forecasts given the pandemic period and the implementation of the green pass.

We underline the great success of views and contacts on all online platforms, from the website and live streaming up to the social networks.

The tournament was organized well beyond the minimum requirements established by the ATP for a CHALLENGER 80 just to guarantee a show and an event worthy of the city of Verona.

We believe that words serve up to a of course, that’s why we have created a final video to revive or encourage you to come and see our event and the professionals at work next year.

VK EVENTS is ready to guarantee you a better event year for year, because as we have already said many times, the goal is only one, to get you to admire the great tennis inside the ARENA!

Verona, 11-17 July 2022

Viktor Galovic Tennis Tournament International ATP Category Challenger 80 & gt; indicative participation from 100 to 400 ATP ranking.
Male singular : main draw nr . 32 participants – qualifications n. 16 participants.
Double male: main draw nr. 16 participating couples.
Prize money: € 44,000

Tournament director: Viktor Galovic (best ranking ATP nr. 172), and winner of the Davis Cup 2018 as a player of the national team of Croatia.

Winner: Francesco Maestrelli